About us

All-In-View develops detection and design technology – deployed primarily by companies in the international PV industry.

We provide tools and services to our partners and customers to make their existing processes more effective and to make their access to new markets fast and efficient. Our technology can be deployed world-wide, makes maximum use of local data sources and takes local regulations into account for increased effectiveness.

Building blocks

Our technology is deployed in a number of different tools.

Roof detection

Automated detection of roof surfaces in point cloud data

Shading and yield analysis

Detection of near and distant shading obstacles and yield calculations.

Automated plant layouts

Fully automated PV array and string layouts generation and optimisation.

Quote generation

Derive bills of material from layouts, and turn them into into quotes.

Operator interface

Web based toolset for human intervention in the automated workflow.

Enterprise ready

Our web based API allows for integration into your platform.

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